We all know it is football season.  And we all know that this excites us at the WGUB greatly.  We thought it would be nice of us to give you a run down on what we think you need for the perfect tailgating, pregame, pig-out bonanza.  We will kick off the series with the centerpiece of the tailgater, the grill. 

For the ordinary person, you need a grille that is portable and preferably fueled by charcoal.  We did some searching and came across this little gem.  The Hasty-Bake Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill from BBQ.com for $419

What is better than a grill that looks like a tool box when it is folded up?  It’s easy, its portable, it’s manly.  Perfect to set on the tailgate.  What more could you ask for?  Heck it even comes with a ten-year warranty.  This grill is the perfect size for burgers and dogs.  With enough grill room for the occasional steak and tri-tip. 

Tri-tip did you say?  Well we have a grill that was born and bred for that purpose right there.  The Santa Maria Grills has just the right thing if you want a little more control.  We recommend this beautiful $189 gem for tailgating.  Complete with hand crank to lower and raise your meat (insert dirty joke here) from getting to hot (no really, insert dirty joke) or cold.  And with 167 square inches of cooking space, this can more than handle a couple of tri-tips, chickens or whatever you happen to be cooking on this fine day.   These bad boys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and are available through their site and perhaps your local Costco or Albertsons.  If you’ve never cooked on a grille like this, it is a must.  You are using something that is similar to what some pros use on the BBQ circuit.  It takes some style and finesse to learn to use these, but when you do.  Oh man. 


Next up is a look at coolers for your tasty morsels.