Now you have to keep your food safe and cool on the way to the game.  Even if it is just across town.  So you need a cooler that can carry not only your food.  But your beer (like Kona Brewing Co or Four Loko) as well.  And while this next little thing isn’t practical at all.  It is just funny.  It is almost out of a Budweiser “Real Men of Genus” radio ad.  Are we right or are we right?  The suspense is killing you right?  What do you get when you cross a razor scooter with a refrigerator?  You get this..The Cruzin’ Cooler Electric Cruzin’ Cooler! Is this practical? Hell no it isn’t.  Is it cool?  Yeah.  Is it going to get that hot chick three spaces down to talk to you?  Just maybe if you pimp up on this and offer a drink.   Claiming to be able to hold up to 24 beverages and costing around $400, we don’t think this has much place in the practical tailgate device category.  But it is cool enough to be here.  We suggest using this one for beverages only, and save the food for something a bit more sedentary.  Our only worry is if you can get popped for a DUI while driving one of these.

But for something while you are packing and charging your scooter, set the woman to filling up the cooler with the food.  We suggest this little gem from our buddies at Coleman, The 54 quart Steel Belted Cooler Check this baby out.  It looks so retro that it is worth the $150 price tag on it.  It also comes in green.  And for 40 dollars more you can get a cool silver one.  This is something like the one your pops had (We think our’s still does).  What is great about this is it looks rugged.  Like it can stand up to rolling around in the back of a truck.  Of course you could go plastic.  But everyone has one of those.  Plus, you already have a plastic cooler attached to your scooter.