By now I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re a fan of the audio-mastery of Audyssey Audio systems.  We were entranced by their inaugural piece of brilliance when they kicked out the Audyssey South of Market Dock.  Then our desktop roared with musical might when they launched their Lower East Side Media Speaker.  Next, the way we designed our entire audio-universe changed when Audyssey introduced a quantum leap in technology… their brilliant Lower East Side Audio Dock – AIR.  Finally, they circled back around to take what they have already made amazing… and dipped it in techno awesomesauce to create, Audyssey Wireless Speakers (the wireless cousins of their LES Media Speaker).  Where will their genius end?  I hope I’ll never see it.

To cap off their latest achievement in audiophile amazement, the people at Audyssey are offering up their own Cyber Monday deal.  What you’ll normally throw down $299 for can be picked up exclusively through your buddies at the WGUB for a mere $199.  Yup… that’s $100 off just for being our friends!!!  How much do you love us now?!?!  Simply go to the link here – – and enter the code CYBERWS100 upon checkout.  And… just in case you don’t get paid for another couple of day, the brosifs at Audyssey are going to keep this offer live until 12/2.

Dude… GO GET SOME!!!!