Yes… the two words “Have Mercy” give any mid/late 70’s born, TV watching, TGIF loving reader of this article an instant time-warp back to Uncle Jesse, Joey and the Tanner crew.  However, in this case… on this day… and after you, no-doubt, tied one on this past weekend; we are talking about a completely different kind of “mercy”.  Today it’s about you getting a little mercy, from that f’ing hangover!!!  (no… sadly not the movie franchise, they are making a 3rd one)

Today… it’s about Mercy ($11 – 4 pack)a little drink we’ve now officially titled our boozey wing-man and has found itself worthy of the slogan “Have Mercy, Not A Hangover”.  So… $11 for a 4 pack (which is about 1 night’s worth of mercy), seems a bit steep huh.  Yeah… we kind of agree.  However, what price can you put on pain?  Is $11 a worthy price to pay for not hugging that disgusting poop-bowl the next morning?  I mean come-on… you shit in that thing!!!  It’s not a porcelain pillow!  Is $11 worth it to roll out of bed, grab a fresh beer and scoot about your day… opposed to laying about half-hurl for the first 6 hours of your new day?  Dude… there are things to do!!!  Brunches to eat!!!  YOU NEED TO GET OFF YOUR ASS!!!  And… mercy will help.

We dunked our livers in a myriad of interesting libations this past weekend to put Mercy to the test… and we can honestly say that our special concoctions (which normally kick our lily-white asses) left us a little tired, thirsty and with only fond memories and a sense of “what the hell did I do last night?!?!”.  In other words… awesome!  Another big concern with these things… taste.  The answer… pretty decent!  kind of like a Flintstones vitamin mixed with club soda.  It even recommends mixing there drink WITH booze.  Yeah baby… how awesome is that!!!  Next time I get my hands on a case I will absolutely give that one a try.

So, what is mercy?  Great question… here’s what they say:

Mercy is a vitamin and amino acid packed, caffeine-free, non-alcoholic beverage that can be consumed on its own or used as a mixer to fortify the body against the damages caused by the consumption of alcohol.

Why does it work?

Based on 6 years of research and development, Mercy was designed to contain a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants electrolytes and herbal supplements that are proven to effectively eliminate toxins produced in the body when alcohol is consumed.

Hell… they even have reviews on their site if you don’t believe them, or us. (check them out here).  While, for now, you can only find Mercy in a handful of locations around NY & Florida… you can also pick it up online HERE.

All-in-all… if you have a cool $12 (they currently have free shipping), and want to see if the mix-masters at Mercy are indeed the answer to your 6am pukey prayers, well, we say go for it!!!  It helped us… and that’s all we can really say.