When we think of music players our mind usually goes straight to JBL, Bose, Monster, Denon, etc… etc.  And rightly so!  These guys have spent millions in research and testing to make the best of the best in audiophile delights.  Every once in a while a lowly newcomer will stroll along and usually get squashed under the goliath players already in the mix. Well today, we’re bringing you a new gem in the treasure trove.  One that I hope you don’t just silent pass by on your way to the big boys.

Today I’m telling you about the Supertooth Disco ($150-ish).  We talk often about the great options for in-home/office players… but what about their mobile cousins?  With the Disco you get the best of both worlds!  You can leave this little monster plugged in (and charging the internal battery) anywhere for instant music gratification… then easily unplug, toss into the included soft-padded carry case, and have on the go for that instant party atmosphere people like you usually want to create.  What do you need?  A music player with Bluetooth.  That’s it!  It’s kinda retarded how easy this little dude is to set-up. 

Quality?  Yeah… that’s our first thought too.  While there are definitely players that 1-up the Disco when it comes to a docking station, as far as bluetooth playback there are few that can best it.  With a 2.1 channel set-up, in a tiny little package, the Disco packs a serious bass-kicking-lyric-loving punch.  One that impressed even the most skeptical of our friends.  I tell you one thing… I can’t wait for tailgate season to start back up again so I can whip this bastard out and bring the party to us!!!

Technical stuff?  Sure.  Battery life: 3-4 hours of uninterrupted playback at high level… 10 hours med volume… 1500 hours at standby.  Charging: roughly 3 hours (but you can play while charging as well).  Cool fully functioning knob with a multitude of options that control the music if your player is out of reach.  Connects to any bluetooth device for playing music (including computers).  Also has a standard 3.5mm line input for those without bluetooth.  For the extremely nerd-level sh!t go HERE.

All-in-all, the Supertooth Disco really is a great addition to any mobile music enthusiast.  Great clarity and sound… wonderful ease of use… and a sturdy build, make it ideal for any of you who find themselves missing a little boom-boom-thump while cruising the urban jungle.  Be the life of your instant party, no matter where that might be!!!

In our case… it was this past weekend.  In Paystee’s backyard.  Wearing Lucha Libre Masks.  And the only way I know this is from a video I found.


Party on Garth… Party on Wayne.