So yeah, it is over a year away with a scheduled release in the fall of 2011, but when it is announced that a followup to one of the better games from 2009 is getting a sequel, it is worth reporting. 

Marking the last time Mark Hamill will voice the joker, that is game will be worth picking up just to hear his masterful voice work. 

For now, no cover art is available but you can check out the teaser trailer here.  And it looks like the name might be deceiving.  Don’t think of Grand Theft Auto when you see the word City in the title.  And hopefully this won’t be of the Spiderman open world games.  Those were tragically bad to say the least.  Look for similar  gameplay as in its predecessor.  Of course with the usual new villans and gadgets that are always great!  And you can already preorder it from  In case you want something to put on your Jonas Brothers calendar.