Yes… ye ole Boy Scout mantra are still words to live by… especially when you want to LIVE!!!  We are working hard to update last year’s amazingly thorough and fantastically written (if we do say so ourselves) Zombie survival guide.  Remember… we gave you the best Clothing, Weapons (and More Weapons), Gadgets and Misc. Gear you could hope to have in the event of our pending Zombie Apocalypse.

It’s been over a year since we last did this for you… and hey, the world evolves, and yes, dammit… there are all kinds of bitchen new things you NEED.  Some are updates on what we found in the past… and others are brand spankin’ new must-have survival tools.  We say “NEED” because let’s be honest, it’s just you and us my friend… and in times like these… we must survive!!

In the meantime… remember: