In the past 4-5 months the WGUB has noticed a pretty amazing thing… we’ve grown!!!  And not just a little either… we’re seeing new readers every day.  New readers that are adding up to THOUSANDS of new readers every month!!!  Dudes… and it’s all because of you!!!  We don’t advertise online or pay those homeless guys to dance on the street corners with a sign telling people how to find us.  YOU are telling people all about us.  We couldn’t possibly thank you enough… and are proud to call you friend (“pat on the back” friends… not “loan you $100” friends).

For all of you newbies that have happened by to check us out… we’d like to let you know we are all over the place, just in case you don’t come to our official site very often (which you can subscribe to on the left← if you would likey)… here are a few places you can “follow” us for easy updates:

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We are also on LinkedIn if that’s your jam.  See you soon!!!