There is one thing that all of us at the White Glossy Underground Board look forward to around this time of year… the goose-bump inducing, spine-tingling creepers of a great scary movie!!!!

Now, something has happened over the past 12 months that has us extra excited… and you may not have even noticed it occurred.  Blu-Ray movies & Blu-Ray players are more affordable and easier to buy than ever before!  So, what does that mean?  Let’s put 2 & 2 together… and what do you have?!?!?  The Awesome Horror movies we wait all year to squeamishly soak in… now available to nearly everyone in glorious blood-spurting Hi-Def!!!!!!!

The peeps at have put their heads together and compiled a list… a very bloody list!  The 25 Essential Horror Movies… in BluRay.  Can this be considered the must-have list of HD Horror?  We agree with most of their selections… but feel a couple of heavy hitters were left off the list.  None-the-less… a great list of the usual suspects, and absolutely worthy of a look (if you enjoy Vampires, Werewolves, People that just won’t die & Poltergeists with the same insanity that we do).

Check it all out HERE