This had to be one of the longest damn weeks of the year!!!!  And yes, smart-asses, we know that every week is the same length… but the hell if this one didn’t seem twice as long as the rest.  Regardless… all of our White Glossy buddies (that’s you) had our backs, and helped us to prevail.  As is our Friday tradition… here are the 5 posts that our loving readers (you again) read more than any other, in order of awesomeness:

  1. iPads Here… iPads There… iPads Everywhere
  2. Segue for a Segway Inventor
  3. Netflix for iPhone App… Update
  4. Whiteboy Raptastic
  5. iPhone 4 vs Windows 7 Phone (and all others)

There you have it.  Jeezus I need a drink.  Any of you want to join me?  Have a great weekend!