You remember when you used to shoot rubber bands at your friends?  Sure it was fun back then, and it is still fun now if you can get someone who isn’t expecting it right in the face.  Maybe you have bought your child one of those little wooden jobs that can fire multiple rubber bands before you need to reload.  And while you taught your children the value of always have a semi-automatic weapon on hand, you can now teach them an even more valuable lesson.  The lesson that there is always a bigger gun.

Thanks to our friends at, we found this product that is sure to rain fire and brimstone (too much?) down upon your enemies the next time you start an impromptu battle.  The rubber band gatling gun instantly makes you the biggest dog in the fight, with its 100 band capacity.  Handheld or used with its included stand, you can either go all Arnold on your buddies or finally finish that fort in your parent’s basement by making it a fools choice to enter. 

At $500 and each one custom-made, we can’t think of a better way to waste your money and add to your collection of cool thing.