A good friend of the WGUB turned us onto a site yesterday… which we then spent waaaayyyy too much time drooling all over.  There is no doubt that we are big fans of the Great Outdoors (the place, and the movie)… and by now you know we get a little giddy around new and exciting stuff.  So what happens when you give us new and exciting stuff for camping…. campgasm of course.

The crazy people at CampingTourist.com have taken the time and effort to reach out into the world and bring back 10 very cool, and very innovative new camping products in their list “10 Innovative Camping Products” (see what I did there).  Bike Tents, sleeping bag body suits (above), Solar Powered tents, DirectTV SattoGo and other cool things can be found… and drooled over at the mere cost of 10-15 minutes of your time.  If you enjoy the outdoors even the slightest… then check it out!!!  If not… they have a picture of a chick showering.  Peace!