We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve thrown up in our mouth a little… but who really is PaysteeWhite?  His comedy is classic and his style seems oddly timeless… does anyone really know who this guy is other than the little bit we learned HERE?

We grabbed our best investigative reporter notepad and sat down with the man behind the jokes and asked the really hard questions.  Kind of like VH1’s Behind the Music but without the musical talent, sex with 80’s band-aids, sex with anyone and did I mention no talent?  Of course he didn’t answer any of them… instead he gave us a bunch of facts about the life of PaysteeWhite.

We were shocked… so shocked that we couldn’t put them all up here at once.  What we decided to do is spread out, over the next days, everything we’ve learned about our dear friend… in a series we like to call: “Paystee Facts”

Hold on to your buttcheeks…this cat is disturbed.  No seriously…hold onto your buttcheeks pressing them firmly together and take a pic and send to us via email.  Just kidding….send them via snail mail so we have the hard copy.