Our writer Dr Dave did something pretty amazing this year and I have to share!!!

He had a dream… a dream of a faster, stronger, leaner and all-around more amazing Dr Dave.  He did his research, worked hard and not only made his dream a reality… he mastered it!  Dr. Dave won 1st place, in his age-group, at the 2013 National Masters Heptathlon.  Dudes… 1ST PLACE!!!!  He ran faster, jumped further & higher and pole vaulted higher than all of the other mofo’s out there.  He, my good friends, is a true inspiration to ANYONE who ever thought they wanted to either revamp an old skill and excel or pick up something new and take it to the next level.Dr Dave is Awesome

Seriously… let’s look at this another way.  Dr Dave is in his early 40’s (yeah… shocker!!!) and had a dream of being his absolute best in track n’ field, like he used to be in college. Instead of doing what most of us do and simply reminiscing about days of yore… he got his ass out on the track… dug deep for inspiration… and brought himself back to the best athlete he could be.  How amazing is that!?!?!?!  What did you do in High School and College?  Play guitar… act… sing… run?  Do you find yourself dreaming of those days and how amazing and fun they were?  Why can’t you do that again?  Answer: you can!!!

Don’t believe me?  Dr Dave, a regular beer drinking, movie watching, All-American dad of 3 with a full-time job and very supportive wife.  He dresses up for Halloween, watches college football, drinks coffee every morning and takes his kids to gymnastics… he is a regular guy, not a whole lot different from you and I.  The big difference though… instead of sitting on his ass every night watching some mindless sitcom, or yet another movie in the mail from Netflix… he lifted weights (in a home gym that he built… meaning he didn’t spend tons of money on equipment either).  When he dropped his kids off at sports practice he spent time running instead of sitting around sipping coffee and being bored.  He took all of that aimless idle time we have and turned it into action.  And now… National Master Champion!!!


While I can’t run… there are things that I wish were better in my life.  A few pounds of less flab… a few more pounds of muscle… want to learn how to play the guitar… and I’d love to start painting again.  And why the hell not?  Is 30 the end of our life when it comes to trying?  How about 35?  Dr Dave is in his 40’s and he didn’t quietly go into the night.  Nay, he raged against the seemingly downtrodden slow-road to senior citizenhood and flipped that clock around.  He HIGH JUMPED 5-11.25ft… I’m 5-11.50… HE PRACTICALLY HIGH JUMPED OVER ME!!!!  In his 40’s!!!


Dr Dave is truly an inspiration for us all.  If you’d like to follow his training or progress then you absolutely need to check out his blog Sprint 42.  There he outlines some of the skills he used to get back into peak shape, a few of the tools he found to make the progress a little easier and who he finds as great inspiration to keep on trucking.

Thank you for being the example we all need Dr Dave!!!