We speak often about our favorite things around the WGUB.  Not quite Oprah-level stuff… but none-the-less… things that make us tingle all over.  Side-note did you happen to notice our new page Dub-Gub Likey where we highlight a few of these things? Back to my point… One company in particular that I tend to gush over is the romantic styling of the insanely comfortable Sanuk.  Sandals, Sidewalk Surfers (their not-a-shoe) and the soon-to-arrive clothing line… these guys have every teeny-tiny part of your foot completely wrapped in the best “stuff” out there.  The miles I’ve put on my personal pair are enough to scare any average mormon missionary.  yeah yeah… gush gush gush gush.

So you know I’m addicted to foot comfort… as we all should be, but maybe you are having a difficult time deciding which one to finally pull the trigger on.  I’ll make it as easy as humanly possible for you, it’s cold outside (Duh!) and our feet usually get the raw end of the deal when it comes to bundling up (No, tennis shoes don’t count as warm footwear).  Sanuk has a surprise for you… they are NOT just a summer surfers shoe!  Negatory Ghost-Rider… they are also the freakin most comfortable pair of furry footwear I have EVER tried on!!!!!  (And I am was a die-hard Ugg fan for years)  In fact, they have an entire series of footwear brilliantly labeled as their “Chill” line… and you can check it out HERE.  For you Holiday Shoppers… they come in Men, Women & Children sizes!  Oh yes… you just won the best gift-giver of the year award!!!!

We even took ours on a recent weekend of camping (Maybe you remember our Camping series – HERE), out in the chilly elements… and they thoroughly rocked our world!

Chill your little piggies in something which can only be described a mana from heaven wrapped in the shroud of Turin, dipped in holy water, blessed by the Pope, steam-rolled by nude super-models and then molded by the steadiest most forgiving hands in the biz.  In other words… perfection!