Just like the quality of alcohol that goes into your drink will make or break your drink, the quality of your mixers will also go a long way towards making your next cocktail party a memorable one.  Mixers come and go, are mass-produced and sit on the shelves.  We want to introduce you to the new chick on the block.  Durty Gurl Cocktail Condiments might just set you apart from all the others.  Not only a good conversation piece sitting on your bar, they taste damn fine too!

I recently had a chance to sample some of the olives that this little central California gem puts out, and let me tell you.  They are perfect to changing up that evening Martini.  Not to mention the gauntlet of mixers they offer under their brand.  The jalapeno stuffed olives are a religious experience in themselves. I’ve personally made up a batch of Margaritas with their mixer.  Tasted great and so much better than the standard Jose Crapolla mixer.

And you’d think with products this good it would cost you an arm and a leg, wrong my friends.  With products ranging from $4 to $10 these are not going to break your bank at all.

You might have seen these products in your local store.  If not, we are sure they are coming.  They are worth the wait, but don’t let that stop you.  Pick some of their stuff online.