Really Cee-Lo?  You went with this?  You already look like a f*cking walking cartoon as it is, so you thought you would spice it up with this?  And puppets? Thanks for making Lady Gaga look normal for one night.  Maybe it is my age, but did I miss the boat on Bob Dylan?  About 2/3rds of that performance was good.  Mumford & Sons were great, whomever followed them decent.  Bob Dylan could have used some time clearing his throat.  I know he is some kind of great musician, and maybe I need to do some more reasearch, but the last two times (actually the only two times) I have ever seen him has been on the Grammys.  And he blew both times.

Anyway, over all the performances were right pretty hot last night.  I actually found myself enjoying the Muse performance, even though I am generally not a fan of theirs.  The awards were fairly predictable, and even better that Bieber didn’t win.

Full list of winners here.