Warning, may contain spoilers…

This just in…Brooke Decker is hot…

But if there is a woman who can rival her in this movie, it is Jennifer Aniston.  Frankly, she looked stunning in this movie.  Not that it is all that hard for her.  She has been doing it for years.

Anyway, back to the real reason behind this post.   I caught this movie over the weekend and one thing for sure was that it was pretty dang funny.  Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston had some great chemistry in the film. Even the kids in it were not over the top annoying.  And it was set in Hawaii, which is always a plus.

The basic plot of the movie is that Adam Sandler wears a wedding ring to pick up on chicks, because he had his heart broke on this wedding day many years ago.  Upon meeting Brooke Decker, she finds out about his ring and is none the pleased, thinking that Sandler is married.   In order to try to salvage his new budding relationship with Decker (and no doubt wanting to sleep with her again) Sandler must approach his office manager, played by Aniston to be his pretend wife, while Aniston’s kids play the role of their mutual children.

The normal hijinks ensue as the group enjoys a Hawaiian getaway.  But along the way, Sandler and Aniston realize that they have more than platonic boss/co-worker feelings for each other.  They realize that they are in love.  A potential wrench is thrown when Decker wants to get married and Sandler kind of goes along with it.  Until at the very end he comes to his senses and decides to be with Jennifer Aniston.  Frankly, that is a win/win situation that most guys wish they had in life.  Oh, I don’t want to marry Brooke Decker?  I’ll just marry Jennifer Aniston instead.

A small highlight was the cameos by Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews (Yes, of the Dave Matthews Band) playing Aniston’s arch college enemy.  They were both funny in their own way, and added a few nice scenes to the movie.

So all in all, a rather enjoyable movie.  And if you are looking for one to take your woman to today for Valentines Day, you won’t miss out.  Just try not to drool when Brooke Decker is in her swimsuit.