Normally we would save this for our weekly segment “What’s Blu This Week.” (Are you reading it?) but we feel this needs special mention because of its badassness.  Yes, that is a word. 

Lost:  The Complete Series comes out tomorrow, August 24th on Blu-Ray.  Included in the box set is lots of little goodies that are sure to tantalize every Lost fan’s tastes buds.  Special features include.

• One full disc of never-before-seen content
• Special edition collectible Senet game as seen in Season 6
• Custom LOST island replica
• Exclusive episode guide
• Collectible ankh
• Black light
• Plus all episodes and 30+ hours of bonus from Seasons 1-6

Clearly this set belongs in everyone’s collection.  For only $195 dollars why not pick it up.  Apparently, the black light is included to find hidden stuff in the box.  But probably could find a place in your spy kit as well, or you could use it to CSI that hotel room you rented in Vegas.  If you get our drift.