The follow-up to the follow-up for the classic Xbox (original) game Fable is coming out 10/26/10.  Fable III is available for pre-order here.  Pre-ordering through gets you a $20 credit on a future game!

This version of the game looks to be have more of the features that make the franchise great.  As in previous games, your choices not only affect how you look and are perceived, but your choices now will affect the enviroment as you can tax towns into poverty or choose to let people live in harmony.  Another added feature is an expanded world outside of Albion (where the game is set) for you to encounter.  Planned is a way to design your own weapons and upload them online for other players to buy and use in their game.  How cool is that?

Here is hoping that the storyline was better than Fable II.   Well, actually the ending of Fable II is what left us hanging.  It appears that this has been addressed where many of the major parts of the game will come into play after you beat the main story.  Making for a much deeper game experience.

A few trailers hit Xbox Live within the last 24 hours, so check those out as well.  As with the previous games, often you can earn some in-game stuff by checking out the Xbox Live content.  It appears this time with preorder you can design your own villager that you can upload into the game with a specific code.  Pre-order details through are here.