It seems like we’ve been writing bunches about the solar power thing lately… not sure if it’s just being put out there a lot right now, or maybe the tech is finally inexpensive enough for more companies to get on board.  Who knows, but we at the WGUB are absolutely earth-conscience, and are striving to bring you only the coolest of new items available.  Case-in-point, the Nokero Solar Light Bulb ($15).  Touting themselves as “the Worlds ONLY Solar Light Bulb” these clever bastards have designed a complete bulb (with hanging kit) that will kick out up to 4 hours of light once fully charged.  My question is this, why hasn’t somebody thought of this one yet?  Hats off to Nokero for doing it first!

Their slogan is “Improving Millions of Lives through Clean, Safe, Solar Light Bulbs” and I have to agree with them.  A little pricey on the upfront… but overall, I think this could be a fun investment.  Like rechargeable batteries or a door-bell that is pre-programmed with over 100 songs.