It’s that time of year… that special week when all of the big television networks invite thousands of ad people from all over the world, and shove their upcoming new Fall programs down their throat.  Granted, we’re like 4-1/2 months away from any of these actually being seen by Joe Public… but hey, it’s kinda fun anyway.

Some of their new offerings look interesting… most of them look like a waste of my damn time, but hidden in there are  a few shiny little gems.  NBC seems to be making the biggest changes… and that’s understandable.  The network that used to dominate the WORLD with greats like ER, Friends, Seinfeld, Law & Order, Frasier, etc. is now down to having the Biggest Loser as it’s tent pole.  They are ready to shake off the dust and rebuild.  CBS is making a lot of changes to the schedule, but not necessarily the programming.  And ABC… well, what the hell is on ABC anyway?

Bottom-line… there are changes, and to help you decide which new show is worth your incredibly valuable TV time… we’ve dug up the most recent info around.  Some networks are offering lengthy previews of their shows to really get you in the mood, others are simply giving us schedules with “more to come”.

NBC:  In an eager attempt to get you hooked early, the oldest network in our lands is offering up long previews to give you a real look at what they have to offer.  it’s Wednesday… and I know you’re just begging for something to help you waste the next hour, so get out your headphones and have fun HERE.  I am personally looking forward to Grimm, Smash & Whitney.  They all have a little bit of that “escape from reality” thing I look for in my entertainment.  And I think Awake might be a sleeper hit.

CBS: Sadly this is one of the nets holding their new line-up a little close to the vest.  They are telling us about the shows, and when they’ll air… but that’s it.  No sneak peaks yet.  they are, however, enticing us with a nice little TV giveaway (who doesn’t love a free TV) on their site for whenever they do decide to play nice.  But honestly… when is the last time any of these big giveaways is won by somebody we know?  In fact… how do we know that a prize is ever really given away?  Is there a govt. agency that makes sure these things happen?  Curious.  Anyway… check out the full CBS line-up HERE.

ABC: Let’s be honest here… just because ABC is owned by Disney doesn’t mean some of its magic is rubbing off.  I watched about 70% of these shows and just couldn’t go on.  Why can’t Disney just step in and help ABC get their shit together?  It’s kinda embarrassing really.  Anyway, if you have time to waste… check it all out HERE.

FOX: I’ll be frank… I LOVE FOX!  I was hooked with “In Living Color” and have been a fan ever since.  This Fall they are coming out with some new shows I will most definitely sample.  Terra Nova, Alcatraz and The Finder… just to name a few.  Not all of their shows have a preview, but most do… and the good one definitely do.  FOX has really stepped up their production game, thanks largely to the funding from mega-hit American Idol I assume, and that makes this WhiteGlossy dude happy in my pants.  Check out all of their fun new shows HERE.

CW: Hahahaha… you thought I was going to write about the CW.  Lame!

There you have it peeps (Yes, I just called you fluffy marshmallow dipped in sugar)… let me know what you think!  Maybe we should start a deathpool for which of this will go first??!!??!!