In a special edition release for any of you that loved the Nintendo 64 (I remember being able to put some huge head code on for sniping.) version of this game, and you are a fan of the Wii gaming console, you can pick up a special edition Goldeneye controller and game this November for $69.99.

More exciting is that you can add a more traditional control to your Wii console for future gaming.  

This game includes online multiplayer, as well as 16 other game modes including old school Goldeneye N64 classics like Paintball, Melee Only, and You Only Live Twice.  Included as well you can square off against friends in the game’s adversarial modes, with characters from the loved Bond classic as well as other virtual soldiers. 

You can preorder the game here, we will update when you can preorder the whole kit when that hits online.   This game will work with other Wii controllers as well, but isn’t it cool to have a pimped out gold controller?  So make 50-cent proud and pick this one up.