Are you an obsessive Facebooker who constantly checks your friend count to see how many people you have reading your gospel… yeah, neither are we.  But if you happen to know somebody like that, then this is absolutely the download for you!

For Google Chrome you have Facebook Friends Checker.  It ‘s a Chrome extension which keeps track of your friends & periodically informs you when someone “defriends” you or deletes their account. You’ll get an alert on top of your Facebook page, showing your lost friends and it’ll stay there until you dismiss it.

For Firefox & Safari you have GreaseMonkey Script which essentially does the same thing with minor differences.

For iPhone owners you can download the app defriended ($.99), it will check every time you open and let you know what has changed on your friend’s list.

All a bit on the creepy side?  Yes!  But none-the-less… there you have it.  Get your stalker game on!