I can never understand a damn word you say… and your “classics” are barely recognizable when you perform live, but brother… you’re lyrical awesomeness was enough to help change a generation!  To say you’re a legend is a gross understatement because, let’s face it, your name is synonymous with an entire era of music (and LOTS of dropped acid).  Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan.

To help celebrate, our amigos at Wolfgang’s Vault are giving us a free ride on their time-machine, all the way back to 1974 (check it out HERE).  It’s 20 tracks (about an hour and 20 min) of great Dylan… completely worthy of your time.  Here’s a brief summary from the guys at the Vault:

Sure, Bob Dylan and the Band’s 1974 tour was just another highlight in a series of highlights in their respective long and storied careers, but this stellar night on their celebrated comeback tour is something special. In fact, we’re calling it our Happy Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday present to you, since frankly, this is one of the best damn things we’ve heard since we were lost in the rain in Juarez, and at Easter time too. Hope you don’t mind if we gush a bit because we’re really into this.

Rock on good buddy!