What started as a thought…No..What Started as an dream…No…What started as a world wild movement just one year ago today!!  That’s right friends, today is our Birthday!  We are celebrating our 1st year of rocking the awesome and we want you to share in some of the stuff that we’ve brought you over the past year.  Some of our more popular and favorite posts that each of us have done.  Why something so bland?  Well, who wants to spend the day writing when we are going to crack open our favorite tasty beverages, sit by the pool, and eye f*ck some hotties.   Hey, this is California right?

WhiteGlossy’s Top Five Posts of The Year

1. Review: Awesomeness… I mean, Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

2. Booth Apps

3. Hey Guys… Tits or Breasts, okay?

4. Review: iPhone 4 Otterbox

5. Zombiepocalypse is Happening!!! Just ask the CDC

Eggshell’s Top Five of The Year…

1.  Camel Toe Cup

2. G. A. Precision GAP-10

3. Ladies, Looking for Something Special for Your Man?

4. Zombie Survival 101-Weapons and Zombie 101: Weapons Part II

5. Holy Mouth Full of Horse Semen Batman!!

Crazy Uncle Paystee’s Top Five Nuggets of Wisdom..

1. Paystee Runs: LA Marathon Recap

2. PaysteeWhite Important Age Update!!!

3. Paystee vs. the Douche

4. Another – GTL Quote of the Day

5. Jobless Due to the Economy? Try this…

Thanks to all of you that check our site daily, hourly, and by the minute.   We will continue to try to bring you the best and funniest stuff from our deep dark and twisted minds.

And on a final thought… we asked our craziest of WGUB writers to give a short answer to what makes the White Glossy special for him.  His response:

My life has become worse since the launch of WGUB.  Long story short…I’m writing this from prison.

It happens.