“Well lawdy-freakin-dah… check it out, another lame-ass nerd group started a blog.”  Yes, that is likely the first thing you thought when you somehow stumbled across this incredibly fascinating blog (shut-up…. it is!).  Well, our thoughts on your thoughts… who the fuck cares?  Ooooooohhhhh  FACE!  We love geek things, are guys that get laid pretty regularly (double FACE!)… and we maintain a likable and fairly normal existence.  This, on the other hand, is our way out of sanity’s tight grasp… and a place where we can talk about sick new things in the world of gizmo’s a plenty, and whatever the hell else we want.  No politics here people… no religion… and absolutely no Rick Rolling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HrSN7176XI – psych), if you like what we have to say… come back.  If you don’t like what we’re pitching… well that’s not what your mom said last night so back off!

PS Today is my birthday… so sing me a damn song and let’s get on with it!