Okay… so you know a couple of things about the iPhone, you know how to turn your TV on, you have a rough idea about how to do stuff on your computer… but now you have a serious problem.  You have to buy something for somebody that is a much bigger geek than you (not that there is anything wrong with being a geek… hell, I’m just about the biggest geek I know!).  Your feeble knowledge of little thingies with wires is enough to completely irritate this person, and you feel like your gift might be more insult than fun Holiday fashion.

Don’t worry your head good buddy… we are, once again, here to save the day!  Here are some great ideas for that special someone… and stuff that will make any geek the envy of, umm… other geeks.

Roku XD|S ($99) – Before the Apple TV came out it was all about the Roku player!  Streaming Netflix, Amazon.com Video Service, MLB and several other titles.  Then cam Apple TV.  Then fizzled Apple TV.  Then Roku XD|S came out!!  Things to know… Full HD (the best kind), Built in Wi-Fi (No buying other stuff), USB port (For playing stuff off of a hard-drive or thumb drive), HDMI Output (for the best kind of picture).  Truly one of the best for streaming video and music to your television for the price!  And with the addition of HuluPlus (Free month of HuluPlus when you buy from Roku) and the hundred other available channels… your geek will never be bored again!

iPad ($499+) – This is definitely on the higher end of the gift scale (price-wise), but if there is only one uber-gift you’re going to buy… this should be it.  You are giving the gift of art, music, video, literature, gaming, function (email, calendar, etc.), information and much, much, much more in one sexy and slim little package.  With the new update which came out today… and app developers coming out of the woodwork with awesome new stuff to play with… this really is a gift that will evolve and become more-and-more useful over time.  You’ll never have to worry about this fad running out either… the iPad has been one of the most popular pieces of tech to come out in the last 10 yrs, and has broken sales records across the board.  Meaning?  This is here to stay and will only improve.

Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock ($400) – We talked about the Boom-Boom-Pow of this truly amazing dock recently (Check our review HERE) and feel it’s worth adding to this list.  Superior power and sound wrapped into an incredibly small package.  Great for your geeks home, office, kitchen or any other small space needing great music for that perfect atmosphere!!  Get your geeks funk rockin… best gift you can possibly give.

Headphones ($Various) – This is a tough one because headphones are truly different for everyone… music is in the ear of the beholder.  Thankfully we’ve had the chance to test quite a few headsets over the past year or so… and we have a short list for you.  If you’re looking for something that is an over-the ear, classic style, headphone… more for in the home or music studio types… you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD ($230) REVIEWED HERE. For the in-ear types (more for the office, Starbucks, driving & on-the-move) either the Klipsch X10i ($350) or the Monster Turbine Pro ($180) will absolutely ROCK THEIR WORLD (pun intended).

iHM79 ($50) – The name kinda sucks… but the serious ass-kicking sound these little bastards put out is anything by suckie.  I have a pair of these and let me tell you… if your geek ever goes camping, tailgating or anything else that screams audio mobility… the iHM79 portable speakers are the bees knees.  Perfectly clear sound with the bang of a much larger stereo.  Features: collapsible, magnetic (they will stick to anything metal!), long-lasting with a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with its own compact carrying case.  I love mine, and use them often!

Music not your geek’s thing… how about lighting?  The Multi-Color LED Lightbulb w/ Remote ($40) is a fun way to change-up your day-to-day doldrums with a little disco infused geekness!  Change the mood and color of a room with the simple press of your remotes button.  With 16 colors and 4 effects (Yes… I said effects) this bad-boy will get the party started in style.  And with it fitting into any standard size light-socket, it super easy to use.  Thank you to our buddies at thinkgeek.com (also a great place to check out for more ideas!)

Kinect ($150) we’ve talked about this one quite a bit lately… and a huge must have for all Xbox 360 owners this season (FYI make sure they have an Xbox 360 first… some of the geeks out there have a Sony Playstation 3 instead).  While this is the first of its kind… it is absolutely the beginning of a new wave of game-play.  The future!!!  Hands-free gaming and navigation through the Xbox system has never been more fun.  It will get improvements… but for geeks, having the first of its kind is always mad bragging rights.  Look for it with at least one game… more if you can find a good deal.

There you have it!  A couple of great tech gift ideas for your uber-geek friend.  We’ve covered quite a few fun geek stuff over the past 4 months so feel free to click back in time to see if we forgot anything fun… but this really is some of the best from what we’ve covered before, and what’s brand spanking new.  Heavy on the entertainment side of tech?  Yes… but media is the hot thing right now in nerd-land.  It’s either streaming it, ripping it or bouncing it off of some satellite somewhere… either way, these are all wonderful ways to show your geek you care!