Instead of our normal look at movies, here is a look at some of the better movies hitting Blu-ray between now and Christmas.

Avatar Extended Edition :  The rerelease of the movie with all that extra bonus stuff.  Buckle up, this one is now over three hours long. 

Disney’s A Christmas Carol :  This movie hit theaters and Disney wisely chose to wait a year to drop the Blu-ray.  Jim Carey lends his voice as Scrooge. 

The Last Airbender : Still really surprised that SNL hasn’t done a skit making fun of the title of this movie.  This movie has such great visuals, even if the story was a bit slow for your’s truly. 

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory:  “Come with me, and you’ll see…A World of Pure imagination…”  Sorry and all due respects to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  For me there will only ever be one Willy Wonka and that man is Gene Wilder. 

The Expendables:  Action movie greatness! (11/23/10)

Eat Pray Love:   Ahhhhh…Chick flick.  (11/23/10)

The Tudors:  The Complete series :  The historical undertakings of King Henry VIII.  Great Showtime original series.   (11/23/10)

The Twilight Saga:  Eclipse :  Team Edward?  Team Jacob?  More pouty looks?  Glittery Vampires?  Who cares???  Your tween might.  (11/30/10)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice :  Nic Cage knows his magic…Acting, eh we are not convinced.  (11/30/10)

Fantasia / Fantasia 2000 :  Seriously, this is Mickey Mouse at his best.  (11/30/10)

Knight and Day :  Cruise…Diaz…Action…Comedy…Ready, set go! (11/30/10)

Inception :  Best movie of the year.  Better end up in my stocking.  (12/07/10)

Shrek Forever After :  The saga ends?  Depends on when the next payday is needed.  These movies are still great.  (12/07/10)

The A-Team:  The better than expected remake of the 80’s classic show.  (12/14/10) 

The Town:  Boston bank robbers.  Death, love, money.  Bad accents.  (12/14/10)

True Grit ($18.99):  The original, but don’t forget the remake is out this Christmas.  Read up here!  (12/14/10)

Salt:  Angelina Jolie is a Russian Spy?  Maaaaaaaaaaybe.. (12/21/10)

Machete:  Robert Rodriguez and blood…It’s a wonderful thing.  (12/21/10)