In just the last hour news sites have been buzzing like crazy over the possible end of all caffeinated alcoholic drinks!  Yes good friends… that includes the WGUB’s beloved Four Loko!!!!!  How could this possibly all go away?  Apparently now the Food & Drug Administration is on board to potentially outlaw the combination of any drink that mixes both caffeine and booze. Does this mean that ordering a Vodka/Red-Bull or Jeager-Bomb will be illegal too!?!? Where will the insanity end????  The FDA has acknowledged that “This is a very important Health Issue” and has been looking over the effects and cautionary tales for nearly a year now.

Here’s my take… Four Loko is being yanked off shelves Nation-wide due to binge drinking issues and alcohol poisoning, and two deaths in Florida are being blamed on Loko even though one person drank it while taking diet pills… and another person shot himself while drinking.  Okay… those are both incredibly unfortunate incidences and truly sad.  However, how is any of this Four Lokos fault?  Did a Phusion Project (Makers of Four Loko) representative tie these people down and make them drink it?!?!  When we tested out limits of Loko this past weekend (remember HERE) we knew exactly when enough was enough.  Granted, we didn’t exactly stop… but even then we didn’t go to the extreme!

Well WGUBers… if Four Loko, Joose, Earthquake or any of the other numerous options in the caffeine/alcohol arena is your drink of choice… we suggest jammin down to your closest store and picking up as much as your extra fridge can handle.  If the FDA is involved… it’s just a matter of time.

Update… it happened.  It’s a sad day everywhere!!!! See HERE