Okay, we don’t actually condone shanking that prick at work who is ALWAYS getting on your last nerve (cough**Carl**cough), that would just be wrong-ish.  However, many of us work in industries that make carrying around a little shiv necessary (you know… opening boxes, cutting through plastic & rope, lethal hand-to-hand combat) or maybe you just like having a little surprise with easy access should you need it.  We have the perfect little knife for you!  The Gerber Mini-Remix ($30).  A perfectly compact folding blade, the Mini-remix takes your standard little pocket knife and injects some flair… a finger hole with very unique pivot design.  That’s right… a perfect little finger hole just the right size for giving you extra leverage and more confidence when putting this badass straight-blade to work.

I originally picked up this knife for use on our many different camping expeditions.  I was looking for something compact, easy to use and high density for being tossed around.  And it was great for that too!

But then I tossed it into my pocket one day heading out the door for work… and never took it out (ok, figuratively never took it out jackass).  It’s been the ultimate little tool for mundane office tasks and is just small enough to be efficient and not take up too much space in my pocket at the same time.

Great build, pocket clip, very structurally sound, sharp as hell and small/unassuming… all things that make this a great everyday use knife, and a wonderful idea for a stocking stuffer.  Nice for anybody needing a small stow-away lethal weapon on-hand to stab and slice apart packing tape at will.

Side-note NEW DRINKING GAME!  Take a shot for every time I just used the word “little” (Jeez!!!!)