I want to say one thing before I dive into my review.  About 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a set of Monster Beats by Dre over-ear & Monster Turbine Pro in-ear headphones.  Without going into too much detail, my appreciation for high quality headphones was completely changed and a serious audiophile was born!  I’ve tested headphone after headphone since then with few meeting the same overall awesomeness I found with those two.  Suppose that makes me a headphone snob.

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out the Monster® Butterfly™ by Vivienne Tam with ControlTalk™ High Performance In-Ear Headphones ($200) which we told you a little bit about already HERE.  If you hate all the blah blah blah that comes with most reviews then here’s my quick take: absolutely incredible clarity, slightly disappointing bass, very artistic design & style, extremely easy to use for music or phone calls, perfect gift for that special lady in your life who enjoys great music.

For the full sha-bang… These are truly great headphones with a design that breaks out of the generic headphone mold (something Monster is awesome at doing).  When I say the sound is incredible I really mean it… I could easily tell the difference between music that was uploaded using regular iTunes standards opposed to those uploaded using the highest possible setting (which takes a little more space and time… but waaaaayyyyy worth it!).  Hell, at times songs were almost irritatingly clear, I’m talking breaths between lyrics… guitar strings squeaking… etc.  The only thing I found missing from the Butterfly headphones, which are abundant in the others I use, is that solid deep bass I’ve grown to love and appreciate.  Maybe it’s the effeminate ear or the typical preference of those with little lady bumps… but the Butterfly’s didn’t bump-it like her Monster brothers.

However, the sexy design by popular fashion icon Vivienne Tam are enough to give any woman that extra style oomph they are missing.

As with most Monster in-ear products… they come with several color-matched tips for your personal ear shape/size, all metal casing for unnecessary vibrating and classic clip to keep the weight of the cord from pulling at your ears.

All-in-all… VERY nice set of in-ear headphones that would be a truly fantastic addition to any Christmas morning.  She’ll love it!

Here’s how Monster describes them:



“Fashion and music together gives you a different journey, different world and experience of life.Music gives my designs movement and rhythm. I dance with my designs. .”–Double happiness, Vivienne Tam

High Fashion Meets High TechnologyButterfly is a unique collaboration between Monster, a leader in consumer electronics, and renown Fashion Designer, Vivienne Tam. In stunning champagne gold and solid metal housing, Tam’s butterfly adorns the headphones reflecting her aesthetic for exotic imagery. Monster’s exclusive technologies deliver crisp, clean, refined sound so you hear all the intricate nuances of your favorite music. Butterfly, a headphone that sounds as extraordinary and beautiful as they look.

Comfortable Multiple Sized Eartips for Customized FitMonster knows everyone’s ears aren’t the same size and shape. Comfortable multiple-sized eartips are included for a fit and feel that’s right for you.

ControlTalk: The Ultimate in iPod® and iPhone™ Control and iPhone/Music Phone Hands-Free Calling
*With the built-in ControlTalk remote, you get on-cable control of your music, as well as easy, high quality hands-free calling. You’ll enjoy quick-access music playback control, like volume, play/pause and tracking, without having to dig for your iPod or iPhone. Plus, the high-grade mic and high-resolution, sound-isolating headphones all combine to let you hear and be heard much more clearly—and conveniently—than you ever could with your iPhone to your ear.

No More Wire Fussing with Monster’s Cable Management SystemWires have a tendency to jumble-up. Monster’s innovative cable clip keeps-it out of your way, reducing accidental pulling of the headphones and keeps the cable weight off the headphones so they stay snug and in your ear. The additional cable slider reduces tangles and eliminates sway and bounce while in use.