Yesterday we mentioned the verbal warfare going on between the always vocal Howard Stern and the CFO of Sirius XM David Frear.  F-Bombs were dropped, salaries were put to question… but after the dust settled, there were smiley faces all around with another 5 year piece of paper.  Side-note put your hand up if you think it was all a ploy to get even more publicity out of Stern’s new contract being signed. Okay… you can all put your hands back down now.  We thought so too!

While a dollar amount hasn’t been divulged yet… the current 5 yr $500mil contract runs out at the end of this month.  As for the new amount… all we know is that Howie told reportedly told TMZ that it is “Very Fair”.  Like we mentioned before… with 60% of all Sirius XM subscribers listening to Stern, I can only imagine just how “Very Fair” it indeed is.

PS Howard, if you’re reading this… can I borrow a few hundred thousand?