Whoa… that title may come across slightly misleading, we are NOT giving away Otterboxes to everybody (We only gave away ONE… and that lucky S.O.B. is walking around with one hell of a safe iPhone 4).  What I do mean is that Otterbox, the company known for keeping your most expensive piece of mobile tech a safe as a nun’s virginity inside the Vatican, has seriously stepped up their game and is now offering a much wider variety of gear.  Granted, they’ve always covered a decent variety of items in the past… but now you can find their damn-near indestructible covers for Apple, Blackberry, Dell, E-Readers, Google, HP, Palm, Sony, and several more.  Curious if they make an Otterbox for your little baby?  With the simple click of a mouse… you can check it all out HERE.

Here’s to keeping our tech all snuggled up in your very own personal polycarbonate layer of defense!