No, this isn’t an Allstate, Geico, or State Farm commercial.  But it is a plug for a pretty cool company we ran across recently.   I’m sure we all have been hit with the sales pitch at the electronics store, “How about insurance with that?”  If you are smart you have said a big NO cause those things are usually always a waste of money.  But if you are one that likes to get some extra protection on your electronics, then our friends at Worth Ave Group are going to be your new best friends as well.

Whereas most insurance plans that you are going to pick up will only cover mechanical problems, Worth Ave Group’s policies provide something that all of these don’t.  Theft, Fire, Flood, vandalism, and Water is all standard on their policies.  You might be thinking that such great coverage will surely be vastly more expensive.  But by the chart above you can see a substantial savings over some other plans.

Another great feature of these plans is the low deductible on the product.  Unlike your homeowners or renters insurance which might carry a deductible as high as $1000, Worth Ave Groups deductibles range from $0-$100, which is much easier to stomach should you need to file a claim.

So what kind of products can be covered?  You name it really.  Laptops, Ipads, Iphones, Cell Phones, Ipod, Ipod Touches, Digital Cameras, Calculators, PDAs, and Televisions….Well you get the drift.

Savings money is always a nice bonus.  If you are going to pick up that added assurance, think of Worth Ave Group for your electronics insurance.

For many people, the most appreciated gifts under the tree this season will be the flatscreen TV, the iPad, the Droid, e-reader or the laptop they’ve been hoping for.  Making such a highly anticipated gift complete, however, also requires peace-of-mind—the kind that Worth Avenue Group offers for just a fraction of the price of retailer extended warranties.

“Most people turn down retailers’ pitches for extended warranties because of the cost, or because they figure their homeowners coverage will suffice.  Actually there are problems with both alternatives,” said Aaron Cooper, marketing director for Worth Avenue Group.  “Yes, extended warranties are expensive—and they don’t cover theft, accidental damage, or software loss.  Homeowners policies typically have high deductibles ranging from $500 to $1,000, which lets insurance companies completely off the hook for most electronics.”

Filling these critical gaps is Worth Ave. Group, a 35-year-old, full service electronic device insurance provider.  For far less than what extended warranties cost, givers can fill their loved one’s stocking with a truly complete gift.  Policies are available for virtually any kind of electronic device, including iPhones and other smartphones; iPads and tablet devices; laptops and netbooks; flatscreen TVs and much more.  Best of all, every kind of risk is covered—including these which are not covered in standard warranties or homeowners policies:

  • Drops, spills and liquid submersion on all portable devices
  • Worldwide coverage for devices including smartphones, MP3 players, laptops, etc.
  • Flood, moving and surge-protection coverage which can be critical for flatscreen TVs

Furthermore, Worth Ave. Group insurance covers the total replacement cost of the item at current prices, instead of a prorated or depreciated cost.  And unlike manufacturer’s warranties, which don’t cover theft, accidental damage, third-party repairs, peripherals (speakers, printers, etc.) or loss of software, Worth Avenue Group policies are transferrable to the replacement item.

“With up to 80 percent of all iPhone and iPad failures caused by accidental damage, only insurance like ours will ensure that the owner’s device and all its software are covered completely, against all risks, at full replacement cost,” said Cooper.  “With an annual premium as low as only $37 for an Apple iPad, Worth Ave. Group coverage is often more appreciated by gift recipients than an accessory item.  It truly makes the gift complete.”

The Most Appreciated Holiday Wrap for Electronic Gifts: No-Gaps Insurance Protection

Worth Ave. Group electronics insurance coverage is sold exclusively online, to maintain the lowest premium prices possible.  Coverage commences upon application—even on December 24—assuring late shoppers that the gift will be protected on Christmas morning.

Worth Ave. Group offers policies covering PCs, Macs, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, iPods and MP3 players, smartphones including iPhones and Droids, flatscreen TVs (plasmas, LCD and HD) and more.  To apply for coverage or to obtain a quote for a specific item, visit or call 800-620-2885.