One thing that we care very deeply about (maybe more than every thing else) is you!  That’s right… our WGUB family is very near and dear to our hearts, and your safety is important to us!  With that being said I have to ask you a question, are you one of those jackasses still talking on their cellphone while driving?  And by that I mean holding it up to your ear!  Yes?  Put your personal pride aside for a damn second and let’s talk.  You may hate “the Man” and all of his stupid laws… but it’s been proven that talking on your cell phone is incredibly un-safe while driving (don’t even get us started on texting while driving!!!!).  If your still one of the dummies putting my life at risk on the road… then we have some options for you to consider.  For those of you who are playing it safe… THANK YOU!  and are maybe looking for something new to get you down the road safely, this is where you can start paying attention.

Wired Headsets: Most cell phones (especially Smart-Phones) come with a cheap pair of wired in-ear speakers that double as a hands-free device.  If you like the wired option, but hate that piece of crap that came with your phone then we can strongly recommend a few options.  #1 – the Klipsch S4i ($100) or X10i ($350), Previously Reviewed HERE, are both incredible options… as-well-as Monsters iBeats ($120) and for the ladies, Butterfly by Vivienne Tam ($200… look for this review soon).  All guaranteed to give you impeccably clear sound and foot tappingly great tunes.

Wireless Headsets: Bluetooth is in pretty much every phone out these days (yes, even the clunky clam-shells have them) so going wireless is a great option.  For this we recommend a new release that is unassuming… light… easy to wear… and easier to use than ever before.  The Jabra Stone2 ($130) is the latest in bluetooth wireless advancements with a new level of clarity we haven’t seen yet.  Also included are vocal commands for answering or ignoring a call, an incredibly easy to wear over-ear design that keeps it tight and unassuming, very light weight (so much so that you kinda forget it’s there, a friendly voice that tells you battery status, 4 different tips for you ear’s best fit and the patented “Stone” that will charge your ear-piece while away from a plug-in (kinda hard to imagine without a visual… check it out on their site HERE).

Bluetooth Speaker: Again with the bluetooth, but this time it’s for all of you who can’t stand having something stuck to the side of your head.  Instead we have another option for you… one that clips to your car’s visor.  These brilliant little speakers are great for a completely hands-free conversation that can be played through the little unit, or broadcast through your car stereo for a full experience.  The downside to this is that your conversation is not by any means private… so watch the F-bombs when talking to a buddy with kids in the car!  The Bluetooth speaker is also great for those of you who want to send your iPhone music through to your radio!  That’s right… it does that too.  For this option we highly recommend the Jabra Cruiser ($65-ish online).  With Dual Microphones, voice announcements & 10 hours of talk time it’s a keeper… and one that we’ve field tested with high marks.

There you have it… three very good options for keeping you safe and sound on your journeys, and ready to belly-up to a computer for more WGUB fun!