Am I the only one that noticed that Nickelback’s music is becoming really, really shitty? Or am I the only one that ever thought it was good in the first place?  Maybe I missed some memo.

What happened to the band that gave us such good songs as Photograph, Someday, Far Away, How You Remind Me?  I turned a blind eye to “Gotta Be Somebody” off of Dark Horse simply because of your eloquent song about a stripper on the same album called “Something in Your Mouth“.  I figured you were just checking out a new vibe.  I didn’t know you were checking in your musical values on a permanent basis.

Now I have to hear this shitty, popped out, crap load of a song on the radio called “When We Stand Together“.  I’m sorry, but do I need to update your Wikipedia page that classifies your music as hard rock and alternative metal to crappy music that sounds like a vagina smells? Look, do I have to start calling you Creed?  I don’t want to do that, but if I have to I will.

I want to still like you.  But I’m scared to even buy your newest album cause I’m afraid you are going to have a song on there with Justin Bieber.  I just don’t want to waste 10 dollars that I could have bought beer with.

Please go back to the good stuff you used to make.  I’ll be willing to turn the other cheek and consider this album just an experimentation.  Kind of like those times in college don’t make you gay.