TV Guide and The Daily Beast have released separate lists of who makes what in the world of TV (with some minor discrepancies…a million here, a million there).

Judy Sheindin, also known as Judge Judy, tops the list at $45 million per year. David Letterman earns $28 million in late night, closely followed by Jay Leno’s $25 million. Kelly Ripa and Judge Joe Brown earn $20 million each. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart gets $16 million.

In the world of TV news:

Matt Lauer: $21.5 million
Bill O’Reilly: $20 million
Sean Hannity: $15 million
Brian Williams: $13 million
Diane Sawyer: $12 million
Anderson Cooper: $11 million
Shepard Smith: $10 million
Charlie Rose: $8 million
Al Roker: $7 million
Bret Baier: $7 million
Robin Roberts: $6 million
Joe Scarborough: $6 million
Piers Morgan: $6 million
George Stephanopoulos: $5 million
Chris Matthews: $5 million
Scott Pelley: $5 million
Ed Schultz: $4 million
Nancy Grace: $3 million
Wolf Blitzer: $3 million
Mika Brzezinski: $2 million
Gayle King: $2 million
Erin Burnett: $2 million
Savannah Guthrie: $2 million
Robin Meade: $750,000