Hulu Plus for $10/month… Pass.  Hulu Plus for $5/month… Hmmm, much more enticing!!!

Considering I already drop 20 bones/month for 3 movies at a time through Netflix, $60/year for Xbox Live and $4,230/month on massages with a happy ending; another $10 seems just a shy more than I want to add-on every 30 days.  However, for $5 a month I can skip my morning coffee a few times a week (sorry Starbucks) and not tip quite so much at the massage parlor (Sorry DestinyRain).

Of course it’s not an official announcement yet, but according to Peter Kafka at Media Memo (HERE) his sources say it’s currently being considered.  And we all know that if it’s being leaked… that more-or-less means there’s a very good chance it will happen.

As for us… if they drop it to $5 (and finally get it running on my Blu-ray player instead of showing “Coming Fall 2010”) I will happily give up my hard-earned cash.  What about you?