About 2 years ago I was visiting with a good friend of mine in Hermosa Beach.  While checking out some of the local shops and restaurants he told me he had been trying, for a long time, to try and find a new skateboard that was plain… no crazy graphics, bright colors or odd shapes.  Just a great board that was plain on both top and bottom.  So… the adventure began.  Luckily (for the sake of our search interrupted drink-time) we merely waltzed across the pier to a dope little board shop, where a kind-a-hot/kinda-a-scary chic built him the unit from scratch.  Sweet… we were off!!!

We were very lucky that day… he had popped his head into many a board shop over time, and never discovered something that met his desire.  With EVERYTHING becoming neon green with purple zebra stripes, having a little simplicity in your life can be very important.  Somebody that agrees with us is Makr Carry Goods with their White Walnut/Grey Skateboard ($75).  They have designed a sick board, made from some of the best stuff… and created so the rider gets all the attention.  Here’s a little bit more about the design straight from their mouths:

Custom shape skateboard deck. Gray top laminate with hand stained bottom. Each board comes with numbered leather risers. In keeping with the first tonal set of “Makr Studio Goods” the board is a White Walnut toned bottom with a gray steel like top. A little longer and a lot of fun. Please skate this, don’t put it on your wall. (L) 31.75 X (W) 8.4 at widest point. 15″ Wheel base (to inner bolts). Made in the USA.