12 years ago I would have so rocked this app for all of its douchey awesomeness!!  Okay, fine… I would have wanted to, but would have really just downloaded it and still spent my Saturday nights killing an 18-pack of bud-light with a bro or two while watching Sports Center.  However, after the occasional drunken hook-up  I’d probably put in some random shit about that skank from downtown that would never be relevant or matter ever again (ignore my bitterness to all of you man-whores).  ANYWAY…. for you playas out there… I have ultimate app greatness for you!!!

DateMate – The Dating and Sex Tracker ($2.99) For realz, that’s the app name! 

Here the official App description on iTunes… but know that it doesn’t matter, you should just buy the damn thing anyway… for bragging rights.  “Oh, I must have deleted everything by mistake… this thing was filled up yo!”  They even have a video HERE if you want to see it in action.

Your Dating Life – Reorganized and Understood

DateMate helps you plan, track and report on your relationships.

Dating is never easy. It’s complicated and often confusing.
Is the quality of your dates improving over time? Are you having sex less frequently then before? With who are you most compatible? Easily answer these questions and more. Introducing DateMate: a smart, easy and organized way to take control of your dating life.

DateMate is a powerful dating calendar, address book, scorecard and report generator that will make dating a whole lot easier and fun.

Better Plan Your Future by Understanding Your Past

DateMate makes it easy to capture all of your dates and sexual activity. View all of your past and future activities as a list or in a calendar. After a date, simply tap on its entry to rate its success. You can also add more details by adding notes and tags to each date. From your ratings, DateMate will chart your dating trends. Take advantage of these trends to ensure your next move is a successful one.

• View your trends from progress charts for dates and sex
• Select chart timeframes of 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, 2-year or all
• Plan future dates and view past activity via a fully functional calendar with color coded entries
• Manage a detailed profile for each contact
• Add photos and notes to every profile
• Plan new dates by E-mailing, texting or calling your dates right from the app
• Share your charts via an integrated e-mail function
• Search entire list of events and people when you’re looking for something specific
• Feel secure with our “fail-safe” login feature

Keep track, keep score and take control your dating life.