Warning, may contain spoilers…

Why did it feel like 20 years since the last one of these??? Oh wait it was.  Was it worth the wait?  Yes and no.

What was great about this movie? Well, the graphics were amazing.  I was very impressed with how they made Jeff Bridges look young again for his part as CLU.  There were only a few times that he looked creepy and unreal..Ok wait, there were more than a few times.  If you’ve ever seen the movie, “The Polar Express” you get the same kind of feeling when looking at CLU’s face.  Almost life-like, but you can tell that isn’t real.

In the story, Sam Flynn is sucked into the grid in search of his father, who has been stuck in the grid for 20 years.  Almost immediately Sam is thrust into the Games portion, which is an adrenaline filled fight scenes with light discs and light cycles.   Soon, Quorra breaks into the game grid and saves Sam from pending doom at the hands of Clu and his henchmen.

Sam is then reunited with his father Kevin at a small off the grid palace.  We learn just how Kevin got stuck in the grid and the fate of Tron.  They must then make their way to the portal before it closes so they can get out and stop CLU.  CLU, is trying to get Kevin’s light disc.  Because with it CLU can use it to access the outside world.  Sam, Quorra, and Kevin fight to stop him, and ultimately succeed.

So what was bad about it?  It might be that it has been many years since we’ve seen the first one.  But in new movie the plot centered around ISOs and the genocide brought about by CLU against them.  Aside from a few words on the how ISOs were the perfect whatever, you don’t really get what they are for.  And then of course it turns out that Quorra is the last ISO.  Of course!

You also learn that Tron isn’t dead after all, but is one of CLU’s henchmen now.  Of course, his love for the creator (Kevin) shines through in the end and he saves them momentarily.  At the end, Kevin Flynn sacrifices himself so Sam and Quorra can make it out of the grid alive.  What a good dad!

All in all, a good movie though.    One thing it did was reassert the fact that I want a working light cycle for Christmas.   Love Jeff Bridges a lot, but he came off a lot like “The Dude” in this movie.  Again, I don’t recall how his character was in the first one, because magically no place on earth carries a copy of it.  Smart move Disney!  Create demand for the two disc Blu-ray extravaganza that will come out next year.

All in all, if you didn’t see this movie this weekend and are looking for one to see this week if you are on vacation you won’t be disappointed, but I don’t know if you will love it either.