Do you ever feel like you are left out of the cherished family moments because you are the one stuck with the video taking duties?  About all the memories your family has of you at Disneyland is your creepy voice coming over the speaker while you direct your low-budget home video.   Finally, a company has brought families back together for these special times.  The Ion Twin Video ($119) camera swoops in and saves the day…And your family…That might be a bit much, but it does make the process of capturing memories that much easier.

This little camera doesn’t look like much, but what makes it special is that it has two lenses for shooting video.  One front facing for traditional shooting and one that faces the user for a little nontraditional shooting.  With the flick of a button you can toggle between recording forwards and backwards.  Great for those budding journalists out there, for capturing reactions to a sporting event, or just about anything that you, the camera person might want to interject into the conversation at hand.

While TWIN VIDEO has powerful, advanced features and capabilities, users will find that it fits easily into their everyday lives thanks to its compact, handheld size. This web-friendly video device is designed to meet the needs of today’s highly social web. TWIN VIDEO creates videos that are perfect for sharing on social media websites and YouTube.

TWIN VIDEO records onto a standard SD or SDHC card so users will find it to be compatible with a wide range of cards and readers including those built into many of the latest Mac and PC computers.

An included handle makes holding TWIN VIDEO more comfortable, while also providing a more stable video recording. Users can operate the TWIN VIDEO up to four hours on a single charge of its internal, removable and rechargeable battery. It connects via USB to virtually any Mac or PC for easy video transfer and charging.

“It’s one thing to capture the family gathering, but it is an entirely different experience when you find yourself in the video too.  Whether you want to share your experience riding a roller coaster, interviewing a subject or producing scripted videos, TWIN VIDEO changes the video-capture game,” said Gregg Stein, Managing Director, ION. “Until now, you needed two cameras and expensive editing software to create a video from multiple angles. Now a first-time TWIN VIDEO user can capture the subject in front of them, then switch to their viewpoint, live on-the-fly.”

While picking up another device to carry around might seem daunting, what we really like about this is the size of it.  You can fit in your pocket for easier access.  It is no bigger then most smart phones on the market today, which means it fits into a pocket nicely.   Just the ability to be your own color commentator in your videos with much more ease and humor seems well worth the price tag.  Four hours of shooting time is perfect for an average day of shooting if you are going in between your video camera and digital camera.  That four hours is going to carry through just about every one of your kids football games.  Not having to buy tapes/discs is even better.  Easy transfer to your computer is always a plus.  Is it going to replace your higher end video cameras?  By no means.  But what it does give you is an alternative to carrying around a camera like that everywhere you go.


In the realm of gift giving coolness.  High five to you Ion.  This would make a perfect little gift for anyone that loves to shoot video.