As I’m sure most of you are addictively aware… Angry Birds ($.99) is the hottest game to ever hit the iPhone/Android phone market.  I mean come-on… slinging pissed off little birds at irritating fat little pigs, its pure freakin genius!!!!  The only major flaw to the game… there are not enough levels!  I could literally play this game all day, every day, and not get sick of it.  The wacky peeps at knew this and released the fun little side-game Angry Birds Halloween ($.99).

Well WGUBers… we have some fun news for you!  That fun little side-game you downloaded back in October has been updated.  Now called Angry Birds Seasons ($.99) has gone all doodle jump on us and is giving you an updated (and we’re assuming by the new name, constantly updating by season) game for your enjoyment.  Side-note I wonder how many hours of Angry Birds is played while pooping?

So if you bought the Halloween edition, go get your free update today… if you are just now catching wind of this addicting little game, where the hell have you been?  Go get it retard!  Its crack for your phone!  In fact… this damn game is so freakin popular that they recently created the Android version… and are now working on the full-blown video game console versions (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc.).  Who’d a thunk some little birdies would be so big?!?!