Kick Ass 2Friends… I have failed you.  I have been watching and enjoying this trailer for about 2 weeks now and just realized I never posted it.  I was just so excited… and now… I am so sorry.  If you haven’t seen it yet… I envy you a little.  If you have seen it… I can almost guarantee you’ll watch it again anyway.

If you have no idea what “Kick Ass” is then GET THE HELL OFF MY SITE!!!!  It’s only one of the most under-rated surprise hits out there… duh!!!  It’s not ooey-gooey kid-friendly comic book lore, nor is it dark and overly-plot thickened either.  It’s a damn-good all around smashing, stabbing, shooting, kicking and torching action packed awsomefest.  No powers, just people in suits hurting people not in suits (and a lot of the other-way-around too).

Enjoy the Red Band Trailer (i.e. cussing) of Kick Ass 2!