"Fathers Day" 1997

It helped out Mike Tyson in a huge way.  Hell, after he knocked a filling out of the painfully annoying Zach Gallifinotreallysurehowtospellhisname we kinda wanted him on our Red-Rover team.  So, I suppose you can say his image was miraculously expunged thanks to the success of “The Hangover”.

Well… the current most hated man in Hollywood, Mel Gibson (Your title… not mine, I still think he’s pretty bad-ass) is taking a PR cue from the tatted brawler and has very recently signed on for the sequel “The Hangover 2”.  We aren’t 100% sure that is the actual title… god we hope not!  Hate sequel titles.

Confirmed just yesterday by MTV HERE ole Mel  is going to cameo as a Tattoo artist in the always exotic city of Bangkok.  Yes, the entire crew is back together (Minus the super sexy Heather Graham… *tear*) so this has the potential for being the awesome breakout comedy Gibson needs.  Wait… didn’t Mel Gibson cameo in another movie with tattoos and piercings all over his face?  Oh yeah…. hahahaha… 1997 “Father’s Day” with Billy Crystal & Robin Williams.  Hahahaha… how’d that go for him?