nfl_logoUpdate on signings since our last update.

4 Redskins Trent Williams LT Oklahoma Agrees to 6-year, $60M deal

13 Eagles Brandon Graham DE Michigan Agreed to 5-year deal

19 Falcons Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri Agreed to 5-year deal

20 Texans Kareem Jackson CB Alabama Agreed to 5-year deal

23 Packers Bryan Bulaga OL Iowa 5-year, $14.75M deal

24 Cowboys Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St. 5-year, $11.8M deal

25 Broncos Tim Tebow QB Florida 5-year, $11.25M deal

28 Dolphins Jared Odrick DT Penn St. Agreed to 5-year deal

Expect there to be a flood of signings today as most camps open today for rookies and most of them sign before their first practice.

My observations of the terms that were released are that it seems in par with previous years.  .   With the #4 pick signed for 60 million with a total of 36.75 million guaranteed, look for Bradford to perhaps reach towards the 70 million dollar mark with nearly 40-42 million guaranteed.

Rookies are cashing in because this will probably be the last year we see such inflated rookie salaries.  A big part of the new CBA in the NFL, owners and veteran players want a rookie wage scale.  Much like the NBA has.  One of the sticking points on this between the NFL and the NFLPA is maximum length of the rookie contracts before they could become free agents.  NFLPA wants 3 years, owners and NFL want 4.

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Updated:  Revised Tim Tebow contract, miss reported..