Since we are known movie buffs, we are starting a new series of movie Preview/Review.  One of us will be previewing a movie that is opening over the weekend without reading about it.  And then on Monday giving a review on it on Monday to see how close we were.  But to make it even harder, we’ve decided to do it in a few of words as possible, so we will do it in four lines or less.  Here we go!

About the only thing that looks good at the theaters this weekend is Dinner for Schmucks starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.  The last time these two were together onscreen was in the hilarious 40 Year Old Virgin.  If they can recapture some of that magic then this should be a good one.  I am a little scared off by the PG-13 rating, since it can’t be that racy. 


And there you have it folks.