On your Mark… Get set… RECORD!!!

If you’re like most of America, your DVR is going to be working overtime this week.  Recording as many of the Network’s newest offerings, and the premieres of your favorite go-to shows, to see who is good enough to cut-it as your 2010-11 couch-time programming.  We’ve already seen a few of the regulars pop-in last week (“The Apprentice”, “Survivor” etc) but this week officially kicks off the smorgasbord of new shows (thank GOD, because one more week of repeats would have done me in!!!).

Just to name a few of what is hitting the air-waves tonight alone, you can watch “Dancing with the Stars” (ew!), “House”, “Chuck”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Castle”, “Rules of Engagement”, “Lone Star”, “the Event”, “Mike & Molly” and many many more.  There is no way for us to make everything that looks good part of our weekly viewings… so the first or second episode this year is going to make it all happen, or make us forget about it forever.  My personal thoughts on it… I don’t expect “The Event”, “Mike & Molly” or “Chase” to last for very long (even though “Chase” looks pretty good) and “Hawaii 5-0” is iffy.  Below is a screen-shot of the week ahead… and below that is a show-by-show “snippet” bringing you up to speed with both new and returning programs (thanks to tvguide.com).  Enjoy!

The Event
9/8c NBC
The series premiere of this conspiracy-thriller, which mixes in sci-fi and other elements as well, sets everything in motion when everyman Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) goes in search of his girlfriend (Sarah Roemer), who disappeared from their Caribbean cruise, only to uncover a secret that could change mankind forever — if he lives to tell about it. Meanwhile, the president (Blair Underwood) is intent on releasing a group of mysterious detainees. There’s just a matter of that plane barreling toward him…. — Jeff Gemmill

Dancing with the Stars
8/7c ABC
Here’s the story, of a former Brady, who’s competing against a guy from Jersey Shore. It’s been hard to miss the headlines announcing this season’s eclectic cast, which includes not only Florence Henderson and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but also Bristol Palin, Rick Fox, David Hasselhoff and Jennifer Grey. The 12 new contestants make their dancing debuts tackling either the Viennese waltz or the cha-cha, with the first elimination occurring during tomorrow’s results show. — Jennifer Sankowski

Lone Star
9/8c Fox
In the series premiere of this promising drama, James Wolk plays Bob Allen, a con man leading a double life. Half the time, he lives with Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) in the suburbs of west Texas and poses as a model citizen — who’s made his money selling the residents of his community shares of a phony oil well. The rest of the time, he lives in Houston and is married to the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon (Jon Voight), whose company is the target of a lucrative con that Allen and his father have been planning for a long time. But Allen has become guilt ridden and adrift from the years of playacting, and he hatches a dangerous scheme to go legitimate as an oilman, pay back those he’s conned and stay faithful to both of the women in his life. — Jack Rodgers

Hawaii Five-0
10/9c CBS
Alex O’Loughlin stars as Steve McGarrett, the iconic role made famous by Jack Lord, in this high-energy reboot of the classic crime series. Fans of the original and fans of top-notch action-adventure storytelling will find much to like in this contemporary take. In the opener, McGarrett, a decorated naval officer, is recruited by Hawaii’s governor (Jean Smart) to head up a new elite task force that answers directly to her. Of course, McGarrett accepts and begins to build his team. Their first case: find the man responsible for murdering Steve’s father. — Tim Holland

8/7c Fox
They have been circling each other warily for six seasons, and finally: “I love you.” House and Cuddy begin to sort that out as Season 7 begins. But they won’t be doing it on a beach somewhere — Cuddy does have a hospital to run, and since it’s a TV hospital, it’s crisis-prone. Tonight’s crisis: Princeton-Plainsboro is down to one neurosurgeon (George Wyner), and he’s sick. And if he can’t work, the hospital will lose its Level 1 status as a trauma center. This being House, his illness is a mystery. That’s usually where House comes in, but he has other things on his mind. — Paul Droesch

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
Kids, do you remember way back in January 2010 when Ted dated Cindy (Rachel Bilson) and found out he had more in common with her roommate, whom he never sees but who will become his future wife? Well, in the sixth-season opener, he runs into Cindy and perhaps gets a little closer to finally meeting his soul mate. Meanwhile, Robin is still getting over Don, and Marshall can’t stop talking about starting a family. — Bill Ecklund

Mike & Molly
9:30/8:30c CBS
Melissa McCarthy and comedian Billy Gardell are charming and real as the stars of this sitcom, which tells the tale of a teacher and police officer trying hard to lose weight — and then falling in love. In the opener, teacher Molly meets officer Mike Biggs at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and invites him to speak to her fourth-grade class. Rounding out the stellar cast is Mike’s infectiously upbeat partner, played by Reno Wilson, and Molly’s voluptuous sister and slightly ditsy mom, played by Katy Mixon and Swoosie Kurtz, respectively. — Bill Ecklund