As men, we sometimes need to shave.  Some guys like doing it up the old-fashioned way, but some guys like to use the electric razor.  It is hard to describe this one as such.  It is more like a face shaving orgasm.

The Philips Norelco 1280 ($315) will do the job in the morning if you don’t like to lather up and run sharp steel over your face.   It features..

  • GyroFlex 3D contour-following heads adjust to every curve, minimizing pressure and irritation
  • UltraTrack heads catch every hair with just a few strokes
  • Super Lift&Cut action lifts hairs to cut below skin level for a closer shave
  • Comfortable shaving–wet or dry–thanks to the AquaTec seal
  • SkinGlide shaving surface slides smoothly over your skin for a close, easy shave
  • Jet Clean system cleans, lubricates, and charges the razor
  • Chromed numeric display lets you know how much power remains